Apush Chapter 11 Vocabulary Essay

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Reagan Sytsma Period 2 Chapter 11 Homework Vocab 1. Revolution of 1800: Electoral victory of Democratic Republicans over the Federalists, who lost their Congressional majority and the presidency. The peaceful transfer of power between rival parties solidified faith in the America’s political system. (The American Pageants, pg. A51) 2. Judiciary Act of 1801: Passed by the departing Federalist Congress, it created sixteen new federal judgeships ensuring a Federalist hold on the Judiciary. (The American Pageants, pg. A41) 3. Chief Justice John Marshall: He shaped the supreme court and policy making, wanted a powerful central government (Federalist), expanded capitalism, established supremacy over the states, and established many precedents. (Quizlet, http://quizlet.com/24725769/g51-judiciary-john-marshall-roger-taney-flash-cards/) 4. Marbury vs. Madison and judicial review: Supreme Court case that established the principle of a “judicial review”- the idea that the Supreme Court had the final authority to determine constitutionality. (The American Pageants, pg. A44) 5. North African Barbary States and Tripolitan War: The Barbary Wars were two wars between the United States of America and Barbary States in North Africa in the early 19th century. At issue was the pirates' demand of tribute from American merchant vessels in the Mediterranean Sea. The Barbary States were Morocco, Algiers, Tunisia, and Tripoli. (Quizlet, http://quizlet.com/6903104/apush-terms-51-60-flash-cards/, http://quizlet.com/9952180/jefferson-the-barbary-states-flash-cards/) 6. Louisiana Purchase: Acquisition of Louisiana territory from France. The purchase more than doubled the territory of the United States, opening vast tracts for settlement. (The American Pageants, pg. A43) 7. Lewis and Clark Expedition: Beginning at St. Louis, Missouri, the expedition traveled up the Missouri River to

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