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One of the most durable and well regarded of all the New Deal’s program’s came from President Roosevelt himself, who had his own share of inventiveness. If the president cared about the fate of people, he also cared about the fate of trees, having practiced the art of silviculture on his Hyde Park estate with such enthusiasm that on various official forms he was fond of listing his occupation as a tree farmer! It was in March of 1933 that Roosevelt proceeded to bring the two concerns together- enlisting young unemployed men in a kind of volunteer “army” to be put to work in the national forests, national parks, and on other federal public lands. When he went to Congress for the authorization of the program, he called the new agency the Civilian Corps Reforestation Youth Rehabilitation Movement, but before sinking under the weight of an acronym like CCRYRM, it was soon changed to the Civilian Conservation Corps (known forever after as the CCC). Congress chose not to handle the details itself. It simply authorized the president to create the program and structure it as he saw fit by executive order: it was to last two years. Responsibility was divided up among the Labor Department which was to screen and select the enrollees, the War Department, which would feed and house them in their nonworking hours, and the Departments of Agriculture and Interior, which would design and supervise projects in regional and national forests, national parks, and other public lands. The men were to be paid $30 a month, anywhere from $23-$25 of it to be sent to their families. The CCC officially began on April 5, 1933 , calling for an enrollment of 250,000 to be housed in 1,468 camps around the country. The cost for the first year was estimated at $500 million. Men had to be US citizens between the ages of seventeen and twenty-seven ( later, twenty-four), out of school, out of work, and

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