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Essay Prompt Part 2 When the colonies first established civilization, they lacked a common American identity. These colonies still were completely loyal to the English at the time. Eventually, however, a common identity began to emerge throughout the colonies by the year 1775. The source of this unity was the British Parliament. Many acts had been passed without the colonies’ approval, and this anger that it created paved way for the American Revolution. Having a common American identity was the result of the French and Indian War, as well as the unfair acts that provoked the colonists. In most cases, war helps promote unity on each side. During the French and Indian War (1754-1763), that causal unity was definitely the case. This war not only gave the colonies a sense of identity, but it also boosted the colonies’ confidence after their victory. Friendship and trust was built as the war progressed, and this helped everyone unite together toward one goal. Although the colonists were still loyal toward England, the war helped the colonists work together. This cooperation helped the colonists become more and more familiar with each other as they were nearing the American Revolution. As a result, the French and Indian War contributed greatly toward creating a common American identity. Due to the French and Indian war, England was left an enormous war debt. Therefore, Parliament taxed the colonies in ways that angered the colonists. For example, the first direct tax that the colonists had to pay was the Stamp Act of 1765. The Stamp Act forced the colonists to pay taxes on paper goods (newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, etc.). And then in 1773, the Tea Act then put a tax specifically on the tea that was being imported into the colonies. The colonists were very unhappy because of this act, and their discontent led to the Boston Tea Party. During the Tea Party, the

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