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Applied Information Technology Project MIS535-Management Information Systems February 17, 2013 Abstract APremium Healthcare Solution, is a fairly young, private homecare provider established in 2007 to service the need for a cost effective alternative to institutional healthcare. They are licensed to provide skilled nursing and personal care services by the state of Georgia. APremium Healthcare Solution has experienced tremendous growth from the onset of the companies launch. They have grown from 2 employees in a basement to 15 fulltime administrative employees and over 150 medical staff, servicing clients in 49 counties throughout GA. Recently growth has been stunted. Some of the problems the company experiences are as follows: * They have been fined twice in the last year for employees working with expired certifications. * They currently process a bi-weekly payroll that incurs over 48 labor hours to process payroll for 150 employees. * They are having staffing issues, and are finding it more and more difficult to find staff in remote areas to service their customers. * They have been fined 4 times in the last 4 state visits for poorly kept medical records. * They are currently working with a company who is beta testing their EMS system and working on making various changes to their system * They are unable to filter through the information input in the system to solve daily issues. APremium is seeking expansion to a very delicate group of clients who require premium care and attention to code. Any of the code violations previously would cost them their contract to serve this client group. APremium wants to eliminate these “hiccups” permanently and ensure their business can handle the projected 75% growth in clients and services. My proposal for APremium Healthcare is the investment and implementation of several new

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