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Slack is a team communication tool that allows for synchronous communication on different devices. Slack is not just a simple chat room. The app seems simple at first, but there are powerful features that make this the fastest growing app ever. It is a communications hub that simplifies the day-to-day work of modern teams. Slack simplifies this by creating a platform that allows one team to communicate on multiple channels and removing the need for most email communication. It has a massive list of integrations that post updates in your Slack channels. Integrating the apps you are already using means you only need to go to one place to get all the critical information to run your business. Some integrations allow you to interact directly with your apps from Slack using slash commands. Slack already naturally anticipates daily communication and puts it into context for you. If you paste a link, it will expand it with some information. You can play videos right from the chat room. If an image is posted, you get a thumbnail to work with. You can even share things like Spotify playlists. Google Hangouts Google Hangouts let you communicate with your team or customers with video conferencing, voice calls, or chat. Integrating Slack with Google Hangouts allows you to start a hangout with members of a specific channel or private group. Sometimes communicating over video is faster and more effective than chat. Having the ability to quickly create and jump into a hangout can accelerate conversations for teams. Hangouts can be created directly from the channel by using the slash command /hangout. The hangout will have a Slack control panel that will allow you to invite other team members to your hangout. People have been using these tools for cross team collaboration as well. Groups of journalists from different newsrooms have reported using Slack channels and hangouts

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