Approximations By Mona Simpson

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Having to Choose In Mona Simpson’s “Approximations”, Melinda is sure that her father is “gone for good” after the second visit with him, because Melinda was in the middle of making two choices. Either Melinda chose to please her mother or to have any type of relationship with her father. After the first visit with her father, Melinda’s father calls her six years later and said that he wanted to take Melinda to Disney Land. Before Melinda and her mom get on the plane to go to California, Melinda’s mom tells her that she wanted a New Sony Portable Color Television in white. During the flight Melinda and her mom made plans to get Melinda’s father to buy them the television. When Melinda was with her dad she would not say anything, she would just stay quite and have short conversations with her dad. On the last day in Disney Land with her dad, Melinda had to go to the lobby because her dad wanted to spend time alone with her, Melinda’s dad asked her if she wanted a candy bar and in Melinda’s head she was thinking that she can give up the plan and say yes or she can stay with the plan and get a new television. Melinda thought about it and she chose to go along with the plan and please her mom then to have any type of relationship with her dad. At the end Melinda’s dad did not buy her the television, although Melinda chose to please her mom, Melinda’s mom was mad because Melinda was not able to get the television. Melinda knew that her dad was “gone for good” because she would rather please her mom then have her dad have fake love for her, and she knew that she was not going to see her dad
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