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STUDENT EXPERIENCE STRATEGY 2007-08 TO 2010-11 We offer a transformative experience, generating knowledge and stimulating self-discovery through creative and intellectually rigorous thinking and practice. Goldsmiths, University of London - Mission Statement SECTION 1 Overarching aims of the Student Experience Strategy The Student Experience Strategy is intended to meet the needs and varied interests, qualities and strengths of our diverse student population, and anticipate the needs of the students of tomorrow. The Student Experience Strategy reflects Goldsmiths’ recognition that there is no generic student experience, but rather individual experiences reflecting individual backgrounds and identities. Students create an individual route through the Goldsmiths environment, and access support services and learning opportunities in many different ways. As Goldsmiths has a range of students, from pre-degree to postgraduate programmes, it has to respond to a variety of needs and expectations in order to provide all its students with a rewarding student experience. The Student Experience Strategy acknowledges the multiplicity of Student Experiences and supports the expectation of all students to a transformative experience, rich in diversity and which stimulates and supports intellectual and creative growth and personal development. The Strategy is underpinned by an undertaking to listen to the student voice, understand the needs of students and to provide a cohesive academic, pastoral, and social framework, which supports all students in their journey from pre-application to post-graduation. We will achieve our aims by regularly reviewing and adapting our approaches to support and service delivery within the resources available to the College and in response to changes in student demand. Our support services will be delivered

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