Approches Used to Manage Stonehenge Essay

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Introduction As it is mentioned in Stonehenge, (2013) Stonehenge is a very ancient attraction actually they expected it at 3100 BC. Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, UK, it is a symbol to the country representing the unknown, power and strength. The reson of building it is not relly known but some argued that it was a tumble they made it for religion reasons. Also some sad that it is agravetory for the peaplethat is in high position in the susaity. Even when we are not sure for what it was built for, we can be sure that it wasn’t built by chance it is for very important purpus. Stonehenge today considered one of the most will knowen sits in all over the world, in every year Stonehenge recive moe than 800,000 tourists, including those who visit the other sitis of the reagion. UNESCO adds Stonehenge as World Heaitage sites in 1986 with Avebury, a Neolithic hange. Stonehenge over the years faced more than one rebuilding, and so it won’t falldown they set som of the boulders in the concrete. For the moment the archaeological excavations and development they make it intiristing by bringing other sits in the surrounding area. (STONEHENGE TODAY, 2015) In this report the disscation will be all about Stonehenge, the ways of planiing and protacting theis hearige saite. How they are apllying it and what are the roles and regilations in theis saite. The meithods of managing it and how they are marketing the site. The report will involve a critical anlyisi and evalioation about the approcis that they are using in Stonehenge. Approches used to manage Stonehenge So we can understand the methidos that are used to manage Stonehenge, we should look at the region’s management of the sits and how they are manageing Heritage and culture. In UK they have developed a system called underwater cultural heritage (UCH) As with cultural heritage on land, the management of

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