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Whether annual or bi-annual, every employee in an organisation should attend a performance review. It is normally conducted by their line manager and attended by senior managers and HR in some instances. It is through this process the organisation can learn how to carefully manage performance. Some of the key factors to take into consideration whilst managing performance are - * Clear objectives – the employee understands what he/she is trying to achieve * Expectations – the employee has received a clear explanation and clarification of his /her performance expectations * Training – the employee has received adequate training to be able to perform the role to the best of his/her ability * Technology – the employee has had access to all the facilities the company has available The appraisal meeting is an integral part of the HRM strategy used to measure the level of performance of its employees. It is linked to the organisations strategic plan and will assist in determining if the processes, procedures and schemes are providing the expected results. There is a vast amount of information to be learnt from conducting these types of meetings. Whether it’s to establish training needs, link a reward to a target achieved, determine future remuneration, address any problems the employee may have or to motivate the employee; an appraisal meeting is held by line managers to find out if their subordinates are performing as well as expected and achieving high levels of performance. Preparation is fundamental to a successful performance review. Gathering enough information on the employee is vital to ensuring the outcome of the meeting is successful, positive and beneficial for the employee as well as the organisation. The various types of data collated would include – * Previous performance review * Absenteeism report *

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