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I received an email explaining the date, time and place of my appraisal, it was stated that the appraisal would be conducted by my Line Manager. An Appraisal Assessment form was handed to me, which I had to record any achievements/accomplishments against the key responsibilities of my job, whilst highlighting any major challenges and accomplishments, also any suggestions that I may have for change/improvements which would enable me to carry out my role more effectively. Also any suggested areas for change/improvement/development/difficulties experienced. The instructions I received, stated that I had to bring the form together with completed sections highlighted to the Appraisal meeting. I arrived for my appraisal meeting, very nervous and apprehensive, however I was greeted by my Line Manager with a smile and an offer of a cup of Tea, I was then able to feel more relaxed as we chatted informally, My Manager then explained the format of the appraisal process in more detail, stating that it was just as important for the Manager to receive my feedback also. We discussed the items I had raised in the completed areas of the Assessment form, which I had stated that I enjoyed the day to day challenges that my job role encompassed, and the one to one student supervision and interaction, but struggled with the paperwork, mainly due to lacking in confidence with regards to academic progression. I had also highlighted, that I felt I needed to gain more knowledge with regards to Health & Safety legislation and protocols for the requirements within my job role. I was also able to provide feedback with regards to the difficulties sometime experienced with time table clashes the underestimated travel time to get from one college to another. During this time, my Line Manager made notes. My Manager then completed a checklist Appraisal assessment which included following

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