Applying Sociology and Psychology in the Workplace.

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Applying Sociology and Psychology in the Workplace. This essay is based on a case study of a female patient, aged 40, which I have recently looked after on the Trauma and Orthopedic ward where I work. The patient, who I shall call Betty for confidentiality reasons, was admitted to hospital following a fall which resulted in her fracturing her ankle and having a hospital stay of 6 days. Betty is a single Mother of 3, who works part time in an office. When looking at this lady, we need to understand holistically the implications this has on her health, well being and everyday way of life. According to the World Health Organisation in 1948, the term Health means: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (Callahan D, 1973). This essay will cover the impacts this could have to the patient as well as one aspect of Sociology, in this instance Functionalism and one aspect of Psychology; in this case I have chosen Humanism. The aim of this essay will be to explore these theories and relate them to my case study. Functionalism is significant within Health and Social care and relates to my case study specifically in that, a Functionalist would look at a situation or person and determine the purpose of their role, how different parts of the social system will be maintained, if the person's role suddenly changed due to ill health, how this would affect them, as well as society. (Crossman A, 2013).Emile Durkheim was one of the first theorists to study the sociological perspective which we know as Functionalism. It was suggested that, ‘Societies or social systems work like organic systems: they are made up of structures of cultural rules (established practices and beliefs, for instance) and people are expected to conform to them’ (Marsh I et al, 2009). According to Talcott Parsons who was also a
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