Applying Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

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The motivational theory I chose to use is the Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory seems to be the most efficient one of the four theories. I believe I could make this theory truly work to a police department’s advantage. The Maslow theory works like a pyramid with the lowest level being physical needs. These needs include pleasant working conditions, adequate wages/salary, and rest periods. The next level is the safety needs such as seniority, safe working conditions, proper supervision, etc. The third level is the social needs consisting of team spirit and friendly co-workers. The fourth level is the esteem needs they include merit awards, challenging work, status symbols, etc. The top level is the self-realization needs they consist of involvement in planning of your work, creative work to perform, opportunities for growth and development, etc. The lowest level of the pyramid are the needs that are the easiest met, the next level of needs are more challenging to meet, and so on with the top level of the pyramid being the hardest but most satisfying. Maslow suggested that to prevent frustration these needs should be filled in sequential order. The ways I would motivate my employees would be to follow Maslow’s advice and start at the bottom and work my way up. Starting with making sure my employees were paid efficiently, had pleasant working conditions, reasonable rest periods, and I would teach them efficient work methods. Pleasant working conditions would consist of making sure their squad cars received regular maintenance. I would also upgrade their equipment regularly to make their job a little easier. I would teach the “work smart not hard” mentality so that their work would take somewhat less time and allow more down-time. Safe working conditions would be one of my biggest concerns; I believe that everyone deserves to be

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