Applying 5s in Our Daily Life… Essay

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Applying 5S in our daily life… Can we apply 5S (one of the Lean concept) in our daily life? Sure, we can. In this first week of New Year, it is the best time to reorganize our work, stuffs and life to get ready for this brand new year. One of the most useful concept that helps me organize myself is utilizing the Lean 5S methodology. Since I am teaching and coaching corporates implementing 5S in their workplace, I also use the same principles to help me to be efficient and effective as well. A lot of people would think that 5S is purely a housekeeping program for the factory. This is totally untrue because besides using that myself, I have help clients implementing in offices, warehouses, etc. You can even use the same principle to organize your fridge if you want. Now, let’s get down to work. Number 1S is Seiri (Japanese term) which means Sorting. The first S is to segregate the things that you want and don’t want. Find an area such as your work desk, fridge, kitchen or cabinets. Take a look and list down all the things in the area that you have chosen. Now the first S principle is to sort all these things out. But, before you can sort them, you need to set a standard. Normally, I set my standards by the frequency of usage of my things. So, I can categorize all my things for example on my work desk to 4 categories such as • Use minimally once per week • Use minimally once per quarter • Rarely use • No use anymore Of course, you can set your own categories. So now that you have your standard, you can go through all your things (leave no stone unturned ) and categorize them accordingly. Number 2S – Seiton or “Set to Order” is all about organizing. Basic idea of this principle is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Another key consideration is to keep the things that we use frequently within our reach and those less frequent items
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