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Apply Your Knowledge Chapter 5 1. Appropriate Strategy: I think that this teacher would be helpful and effective by telling Maricela what to do instead of what not to do. The teacher can be positive, polite, and firm as she says, “ You know Maricela, there is a colorful piano to play with in the toy box, would you like to go and see if you can play it?” 2. Appropriate Strategy: This teacher would be more helpful and effective by telling the boys what to do rather than what not to do. I would advise that she say, “ Hey boys, why don’t you race with the tricycles in the grass and see who goes the fastest.” 3. Appropriate Strategy: I would change this situation by decreasing the options for Tim and by changing his time schedule. The first thing I will do to help Tim with his frustration is to change his activity, which would be to take him home and put him down to sleep. I would also change around his and my schedule so that next time we go out, he has had his naps. 4. Appropriate Strategy: I suggest the Dad change this situation by changing the physical environment around the child and by preventing predictable problems. The dad can move around the furniture to block the outlets and also prevent this predictable problem by child proofing the home they live in. 5. Appropriate Strategy: In addition to stating a safety rule, I would change the situation by introducing new ideas and material to the child. I would first remind John that throwing sand in the air can get into everyone’s eyes and that its not safe. Once he understands that, I grab a water bottle and take it to the canal he made and guide him to put the water into the canal. 6. Appropriate Strategy: I would use this substitution: I would use the substitution of regular paint to washable paint. Once Sylvia is done painting on the windows, we both will work together to clean

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