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Every kids dream is to become the President of the United States right….hmm maybe not. Since I was a little girl I had always wanted to be an art teacher. Most kids went out to play, me, I was more of an “indoor” child. I’ve always been colorful and very “artistic”, and not much of an athlete, but don’t get me wrong I enjoy sports too! My favorite game to play as a child was “school” where I was always the teacher. The good thing about that was I actually taught and not just played around. For many years, I played that so I could say I had tons of practice. As a kid I always kept to myself, I wasn’t very social, and I was very shy. When I was in the fifth grade I went to the art museums family day. One of the booths I went to offered an opportunity to make a little sculpture of something to represent Halloween. I thought my “Witch cat on a chair” was no big deal. The lady loved it and told me about a non-profit art school here in San Antonio. My mother and I searched the school here in San Antonio and found out that it offered classes from sixth all the way to twelfth grade. Summer was over and now it was sixth grade, I could now apply for the SAY SI School of Art. This was the first time I have ever made a portfolio, SAY SI required an application and an interview. A week later I received my acceptance letter for SAY SI. That Saturday was my first day. Now that it was my senior year, I am grateful that I stayed in it all these years. SAY SI allowed me to find ways to express myself and allowed me to gain experience. When I got to High School I wasn’t the most approachable person. Like others I was bullied for seven years, so it wasn’t that I didn’t want to make friends, it was more that I just didn’t know how to carry myself to try. The thoughts I had for me was to just go to school and then come home. About half way within the year I thought to myself,

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