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車務部兼職空缺申請表 Application For Part-time Employment in Operating Department 申請職位 Position applied for: 重要事項 Important: 1. 職位編號 Reference No.: 此申請表上資料如有虛報或隱瞞,申請者將被撤消資格,本公司有權終止因此而訂之僱傭合約。填寫本申請表前,請細閱夾 附於本申請表的香港鐵路有限公司之收集職位申請人個人資料聲明。 Misrepresentation or concealment of information in this form will lead to automatic disqualification of the application. The Corporation reserves the right to terminate any employment agreement made as a result of such misrepresentation or concealment. Please read the attached MTR Corporation Limited's Personal Information Collection Statement for Job Applicants before completing the application form. 機密 CONFIDENTIAL 2 填妥後請將申請表寄回香港郵政總局信箱9916號香港鐵路有限公司人力資源管理部(車務)或電郵至收。 Please send in your application either by mail to Human Resource Management Department (Operations), MTR Corporation Limited, G.P.O. Box 9916, Hong Kong or by email to 第一部份 Part I 個人資料 Personal Particulars 英文 (English) 中文 (Chinese) 姓名 (正楷書寫) Name (In block letters): 住宅/通訊地址* Home/Correspondence Address*: 電郵地址 E-mail Address : 電話號碼 Tel. No.: 住宅 (Home) 辦公室 (Office) 手提 (Mobile) 第二部份 Part II 學校名稱 Name of School 學歷(大專、中學、小學及技能訓練學校等,並請由現在或最近之學歷開始) Academic Qualification (University, Secondary School, Primary School, Technical Institute, etc. and start with the latest qualification attainded) 由 (月/年) From (MM/YY) 至 (月/年) To (MM/YY) 程度/考獲證書 Level / Certificate Attained 第三部份 Part III 由 (月/年) From (MM/YY) 工作經驗 (包括學徒訓練及兼職,並請由現在或最近之僱主開始) Work Experience (including apprentice training & part-time job and also start with the present or latest employer) 至 (月/年) To (MM/YY) 任職機構及地址 Employer and Address 職位 Job Title 薪酬(可選擇填寫) Salary (Optional) 主要職責 Key Responsibilities 第四部份 Part IV 由 From: 可任職日期 Period Available For Employment 日/月/年 (dd/mm/yy) 至 To: 日/月/年 (dd/mm/yy) 第五部份 Part V Word 第六部份 Part VI 姓名 Name 電腦技巧

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