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Applied Research West Los Angeles College SEC-62198 Database Security March 30, 2014 Abstract This document designates the policy of a security, scalable, and responsive database security plan and requirement's definition document for a database system for the McFarlane Inc. The McFarlane Corp. is a medium business with nearly 600 employees. This document defines who is accountable to the organization and what power is granted to that individual in the occurrence of a security breach. The usage policies are also planned for desktops and devices. The information security is crucial for McFarlane Corp. to secure its information technology assets. The security is anticipated to provide defense from unauthorized access of its intellectual properties, system assets, network equipment’s, customer data and business system information. The policy described here is for implementing security practices across McFarlane Corp., in daily use of the information technology assets. Part 1: Project Identification and Business Environment 1. Establish authorities and responsibilities for database security management. One of the functions of database management systems is to empower the database administrator to implement and enforce security at all levels of the database. In order for you as a database administrator to protect valuable data stored in the database, you must know the various security access points that can make your database vulnerable. 2. Develop operational and incident management procedures when security breaches are discovered. Many corporations develop DBMSs in which each DBMS has a distinct implementation and architecture; they all have the following basic common functionalities: ■ Allow developers and administrators to organize data in an orderly fashion. ■ Allow users to store and retrieve data efficiently. ■ Allow users
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