Applied Business Research- Google in China Essay

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Google and the Government of China Sanjita Thapa Applied Business Research BU-598 Dr. Stephanie L. Dieringer March 13, 2012 Google’s Background Google is the world’s largest search engine. Larry Page and Sergey Brin as their research project founded it in September 4th 1998. Their project caught a lot of attention by their friends and family who later became the investor of the company. According to the founders Page and Brin organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful is Google’s mission. Google became public in 2004. The head office of Google is in Silicon valley, CA. Today, Google operates in many different areas including mapping service, blog hosting service, email account, hotpot, and language tools that are among over forty products that are featured in its website. Google have expanded in about 60 different countries and maintain about 180 different website domains. According to Adam Lashinsky Google was continuously getting bigger and expanding and had number one position as a search engine and was named the best company to work for. Google in China Google began its operation in China in September of 2000 by launching the Chinese-language version of offering 24 million Chinese language webpages. It had already become really popular by 2002 just after 2 years of operation. It had become popular because it was simple and easy to use and the searches got from it were really effective and relevant. The Google’s popularity started declining since 2004 when Chinese Government started filtering the website and blocking them if they thought it was not good for the Chinese user during that time. Because of this the Google search engine was becoming really slow and the people of China who used Google thought that it was unreliable and

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