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Applications Many applications have multiple things in common such as where they have you fill out the “about you” section such as your full name, address and phone number. This stuff is on the majority of applications so that companies can reach you if they hire you. Another thing I see on many applications but not all, or the two I have, is the request for a social security. This is in order to do a back ground search but I do not think companies should ask for that unless the person applying is hired because that is very personal and dangerous to give out. Applications always have a place for prior work experience as well, this helps the employer decide who to pick for the job because some people might be better qualified for the job and also gives a number for the new job to call and reference if they want to. Another thing many applications have is a place for references that are not family. The reason they cannot be family is because most families usually will not say something bad about another family member but the employer still wants to know about the person they may or may not be hiring so they still have to ask people. Availability is another thing that all companies put onto their application. No employer wants to hire someone if they cannot work a lot so before they hire someone they ask how much they can work. In the two applications I have some differences are the length. Although Wal-Mart and Target are similar Target has a much longer application. The questions on the Target application are more personal so they get a better look at the whole person in general. Most applications are between the length of the two I have but all vary in length as

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