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[B]Forum name[/B]: sdrakulich [B]Real name:[/B] Stefan Drakulich [B]contact information:[/B], (msn), crossoverscore (AIM) [B]Other forums you are active at: [/B][URL=""]Legacy Designs[/URL] (mine), [URL=""]Forging Senses (mine)[/URL], [URL=""]ForgeHub[/URL] (most active), [URL=""]h3artificer (quite active)[/URL] [I]By the way, I am named sdrakulich at all of the above mentioned....[/I] Position applied for: Moderator [B]Qualifications:[/B] Admin on two sites, an active and helpful member on ForgeHub, and an active and helpful member on h3artificer [B] * Other than your role in the specific team you want to join, how else can you contribute to the forum?[/B] I am active on many forums, and am a fair member. I try and see all sides of the story, before making a final decision, and if necessary, consult with my other admins (two on legacy designs, 3-4 on Forging Senses) and see what they think also. I am online on most pages for 8-9 hours a day, and check each site regularly (at least 7-8 times per day, and I'm most active on ForgeHub) [B] * Also provide us with as many examples of your work as possible[/B] Although not the most skilled graphics artist, I love to help around, and be active in as many forums as my time allows. I will be very active here, posting resource packs, although not in that section, when I can. [B] * Anything else you feel could enhance your chances of acceptance[/B] Nothing really, just I really like what you have going, and I have a ton of people that know me well on ForgeHub, LegacyDesigns, and Forging Senses that would be very prone to join this, with my proper advertising (on my own site :icon13: ) Anyways, I do hope you consider me as a

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