Application Screening Process Essay

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The Application Screening Process Employee Application Screening Employers obviously want to hire the best possible applicant, or candidate, to ensure their organization gains a beneficial member to their team. Many organizations have implemented some form of behavioral testing. Application screening can help employers get their first knowledge about their employees. A popular choice is personality testing, which has helped employers that are desperately trying to find the right person for a specific position. Many employers who rely highly on the selection business are focusing on personality tests, competency requirements and behavioral tests. There have been some skeptics about the process of personality testing and its accuracy. In order to determine if personality testing is truly accurate, one must understand where the idea came from and how it has evolved into what it is today. It is hard to find the exact beginning of personality testing but the term, when referring to employment, is easier to pinpoint. Fredrick Taylor's Principles of Scientific Management, published in 1911, popularized the notion that an employee’s skills are quantifiable (Goffin, Jang, Skinner 2011). Mr. Taylor’s goal was to determine precise aspects, for example, how many words should a secretary be able to type per minute? After all of Taylor’s time and motion research, the basic form of personality testing was born even though it was very vague. The idea of personality testing did not really take off until 1919 when Henry C. Link's Employment Psychology stated the ideal employment method is undoubtedly an immense machine which would receive applicants of all kinds at one end, automatically sort, interview, and record them, and finally turn them out at the other end nicely labelled with the job which they are to do (Powell, Goffin 2009).

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