Application of Freud’s Psychodynamic Approach

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Carers should take into consideration any form of distress shown by the individual e.g. a service user may have a tendency to be aggressive to service providers. The psychodynamic perspective would explain this by saying that the individuals aggressive behaviour is due to experiencing inner turmoil and tensions and conflicts from the person’s past are projected into current situations. Service providers should not take this personally – it will be due to unresolved conflicts with one’s same sex parent. In severe cases help should be provided through the use of psychotherapy. The elderly take great comfort in others being interested in their life and what they have experienced. Talking about their past is very therapeutic for them and should be encouraged under this approach. Day care centres are places to socialise and opportunity should be provided for this. This perspective can also be used to explain phobias. This perspective could help us to understand a service user who has a phobia of needles. Freud would say that the phobia is a symbol of an unconscious problem or past experience in childhood e.g. a patient may have been hurt by a needle or had an awful experience – poking around for a vein. Now they are older and may need blood tests, maybe insulin dependent diabetic - they would need psychoanalysis in the day care centre to get over this phobia We need to be careful not to make assumptions about services users – their behaviour may be due to earlier childhood experiences. It is important to understand this and not to label them (stereotype them). Instead we should be recognising this and providing a support plan. Fixation at any of the psychosexual stages can result in extreme behaviours associated with that stage in adulthood – day care centres may find these behaviours hard to manage, There are now courses in day care centres for staff called
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