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Dear ………. , Please accept this letter as my proclamation of certain interest in being house president. I find it in my best interest that being house president would certainly be beneficial for myself and the school. When writing this letter I asked myself, firstly what the role of house president is and why I can succeed as house president. Secondly, why you should choose me over my fellow students running for this. Throughout my 5 years in Denbigh I have come across many challenges and also many achievements. Why do I say this? I say this because I find the challenges I have come across I have also overcome I see this is a major skill which I can use as house president by helping many younger students who are also facing problems in school and as well, any challenges I face as house president I will know I will overcome. Including this I think that I would set a great example for many younger students. Which is necessary for this job, this is because if I was house president many younger students would look up to me as being recognised as someone fairly important, so my attitude and the way I act in school will influence many other students. So it’s in my best interest in setting the best possible example which I can tell you will be beneficial for the school because students will have the right attitude and as well beneficial for me as I know I have positively influenced someone. The role of house president included being a strong positive leader, someone who is willing to go the “extra mile” for the students, and also being much organised as I would have to set up certain events, and even take assemblies for my house. I also find the role of house president as a bridge between students and teachers, when I was in year 7,8,9 especially , I would find it difficult to talk to teachers of my problems because it was hard to relate to

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