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Donna Bryant British Literature-2 12 October 2010 Curry Application Essay Application Essay It seems that at least once in every parent’s life a child goes missing, whether it be at a grocery store, at home, or at the park. As the child becomes older the parent wants to know where his or her child is at all times. I never did understand why until recently. June 10, 2010, I had the biggest care of my life. I had just received a new puppy, Noah. He was about two months old, and he was the smallest little doggy i have ever seen. My niece was at school, and my mom was at work. I was home alone free for the summer. As i was talking on the phone and watching TV, my friend mentioned out of the blue, "Where's my son?" She was talking about Noah of course. Almost instantly, I jerked up and screamed, "Noah!" Nothing. I called his name again. Still no response. I ran all over the house, looking for him, calling his name. I checked all over the house. Still on the phone, I told my girl, "I can't find him." Her lovely response was "YOU LOST MY SON?" I could tell she was excited about it. While she was yelling and telling me i lose everything, I stopped to think: Noah likes to eat, sleep, play hide-and-go-seek. Most importantly. he does not respond well to fear. I realized that I had to calm down. I went back to the kitchen to check his food bowl, which was half empty. I had to stop and think again to remember his favorite place of hiding. Oh, yeah, it's in the bathroom. I went in the bathroom, were I couldn't see him, but I could hear him. I pulled back the shower curtains and there he was. The first thing I said when I found him was, "Sweet baby Jesus, Noah you almost gave me a heart attack!" He just wagged his tail and jumped up, signaling he wanted me to pick him up. That day I learned why parents always try to check up on their kids. It's not to be

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