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My name is Ashley. I am a 21 year old single mother of a ten month old beautiful baby boy. Even though I have had a lot of challenges over the last year, I have not given up on my educational goals. I continued to take classes and work while taking care of an infant on my own. I have played softball since age five. I never played tournament or select ball. Besides, school I have played for different communities on their fall and summer leagues. I was not the best on the team. Sure, I wished I could have been the best hitter or catcher, but who doesn’t wish they were a little better at something they love? Even though I was not the best, I still love the game just as much as the best. Some days after practice, when I was barely able to walk, friends would ask why I didn’t quit. The next day at the game, behind the plate, all the pain was forgotten for my passion. A team sport has taught me how to be a team player and do things for others, whether at home or at work. Team sports teach you how to play together as one. Softball taught me how to tune out the crowd and taught me to always play like it was the last time I would get to play. Growing up I always dreamed of the having the fairy tale life, finish college, get married and have children. All that changed about a year ago. I was living with my boyfriend and got pregnant last year. When my son was about three weeks old, my boyfriend and I broke up. We have not heard or seen from him since. So I am left to raise my son on my own, this does not mean I have to give up on my other dreams. I can still achieve my educational goals. Even when I have been up late with the baby and trying to study I think maybe I should just give up on school. But then I look at him and know I can’t give up, he needs me. I have to get my degree not only for me but for him as well. Both my son and athletics have

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