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Dear Ms. Lighty: As a first-year MBA student, l am writing to express my sincere interest in representing . After speaking with several of my professors, l determined that the Leadership Conference internship provides an ideal opportunity for me to work and grow as l look to gain real-world experience in the policy arena. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is an important and influential coalition, and one to which l believe l can con tribute my analytical skills and academic training. My strong writing and research skills make me well qualified to perform the work and meet the challenges of an internship with the Leadership Conference. My background in the study of American politics began during my undergraduate career, also at Duke University, where l earned a B.A. in Political Science and African & African American Studies. l conducted independent research on topics such as racial attitudes, political institutions, and policy outcomes as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. As a Ph.D. student, lam working toward certification in the fields of Political Behavior & Identities and Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. My studies focus on civic discourse and the ways in which beliefs, attitudes, and social identities influence political decision-making, as well as the salience of race in American politics. The pursuit of my bachelor's and doctoral degrees in these fields has helped me to develop my organizational and communication skills, as well as a nuanced understanding of political analysis, policymaking, and a number of key issues facing disenfranchised communities. Furthermore, my prior internships and involvement as a student leader have provided me with substantial experience communicating and collaborating with people at all levels and across disciplines within organizations, successfully serving as a membe r of a team, and working with diverse

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