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As an Economics student I have had the opportunity to witness my fellow students participate and flourish in the OAS course. I have seen and heard about the improvements that have been acquired through participation in OAS such as improved leadership abilities, more effective communication, and improved work ethic. These improvements and the experiences gained from the course and WMOAS model what has enticed me to apply. Although I know the course is very demanding I would find the challenge as an opportunity to prove to myself exactly what I am capable of and instill in me a greater confidence in my abilities which would carry over into every aspect of my life. Most of all I would like to participate in OAS for the opportunity to increase my dedication to my work whether in a resolution, homework or future work. If so graciously afforded the opportunity to participate in OAS, it would benefit me greatly as a student as it would give me the knowledge to develop essential and valued skills needed to improve as a student and professional through improvement in my study habits indirectly improving my grades. Through participation in the model I would acquire the experience to help facilitate an increase in the efficiency, speed, and ability to analyze information, and the communication skills to effectively communicate my research, all skills exemplified in successful students. After seeing others take these improvements and benefits from the course I also hope to reap the same great experience and scholarly growth which would contribute to my personal growth and professional

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