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This is personal essay about the person who has the significant influence to me. That significant person is my father, Rev. Peter Kenneth Saah. Although, my chosen person is such a cliché as he is my father, hence he really has significance in my life. However, the significance of my father does not only dwell on the fact that he is my father per se but because of him as a person. My father was career minded person, down to earth, open-minded and with a very good personality. The above mentioned traits of my father are the ones that made me think that he is indeed the most significant person that has ever influenced me. I would like to create the relation of his traits on the way he influence me. According to Niccolo Machiavelli, “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” From this quoted phrase from a famous author, it can be inferred that in order for people to see how great my father is, one should look on the way he brought me up and on the way I perceive life. First, a person who is career minded means he has the discipline to make everything worth it. This also means that my father has instilled into his system that bringing food in the family’s table is necessary which is an implication that he truly ensure that the family comes first to him. From this note, it is proper for me to say that it never deviates from his mind the necessity to see to it that his family is given importance. He allows us to see that we are important for him leaving us no doubt that we are taken care by a person with good hands. I also value any kind of things that can make my life better. Some readers might say that there is a down side for being career minded however, I treat that as a positive trait. Positive in such a way that in everything, I gave my best, keeping on my mind that futile efforts do have a good

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