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During Alan’s search for a job, he has many thoughts flowing through his head ranging from where to find available jobs to what he should try and become. He is afraid he won’t be able to find work which can cause an array of emotions, such as depression and anxiety, especially if Alan is unable to find work along with his fear of not being able to do so. With his new job search beginning he should first appraise all avenues he is most likely to exceed in along with what makes him happy. One way to go about evaluating what Alan might excel in is using Gardner’s eight types of intelligence. By going through and evaluating Gardner’s eight types of intelligences he can apply each to himself to see where he might be most successful in happily finding work. For example maybe Alan likes to communicate and help others reflect and prosper he could enjoy being a social worker or counselor. If he excels in linguistics he would do best in a field dealing with language and communication, for example teaching an English class, or some kind of writing like a book or theatrical scripts. If Alan enjoys animals or nature he would enjoy something along the lines of a naturalist career, such as marine biologist or a farmer or owning an animal rescue. If he is artistic and creative he could strive to be an avid artist, engineer or architect. Alan’s fear that he may not be able to find work can cause a multitude of issues while trying to find work. For instance his fear that he may not be able to find work may spillover to severe anxiety when going to turn in applications or going in for an interview. Being able to distinguish these feelings is a good sense of emotional intelligence. If Alan is able to recognize his fear he may be able to asses a sufficient environment where his fear or nervous feelings can be subsided so he can successfully land a job. Although he is afraid he

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