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Application 2.1 Planned Change at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Thella Bowens was named interim Executive Director of the SDCRAA to help manage the transfer of operation of Unified Port District (port of San Diego) to the SDCRAA. She had to come up with a transition plan that would deal with the legal and regulatory issues. She took the senior team from the old Aviation Division and these groups recommend revising the existing plans by hiring a staff to research discuss and create a transition plan. These staff consisted of seven employees and was called the Airport Transition Team. Their job was to communicate and influence directors and managers goals and responsibilities. A war room was created to hold meeting and served as communicators. The Metamorph was created, which consisted of members from different parts of the organization. The Metamorph decided to make the transition it had to be designed so it will not disrupt the customers, financial, legal and regulatory matters. So they created 12 functional teams each of these teams was composed of the old Aviation Division and Port of San Diego. Their goal was to collect data and establish functions for the SDCRAA and look for any problems. Each team was responsible for a specific functional area like HR, Environmental departments. This team was able to work with all these departments and examined the transaction plan and offered advice on what to do. The Metamorph provided the progress of the transition to coworkers and all their departments. Communicating the plan was critical for the entire organization. Session were created to advice employees the progress of the transition, changes, and models and to encouraged to share their ideas or concerns. Employee’s input was taken seriously and managers met to discuss any concern that employees had about the transition.
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