Appliances in Shade Essay

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Topic electrical appliances in shade consume less energy. Most people are unaware that keeping the electrical appliances in shade consumes less energy. We are here to suggest you some measures to curb your electricity bills. - S 1. We all use Air Conditioners in our homes to comfort ourselves from the increasing heat, unaware of the fact that these appliances if kept in the sun, consume 10% more energy and thus leads to causing more electricity bills. N 2. Parking lots in sun are 5-12 degrees hotter than the surrounding areas. To reduce this effect we can plant more trees which helps to alleviate the heat effect which can save your money as well - Y 3. The effect of a single adult tree is equivalent to ten room sized air conditioners operated 20 hours a day.During the process of transpiration water escapes through leaves, this water then gets evaporated in the hot weather, which cools the air around the tree. Since cool air is heavier than hot air, it moves towards the ground making the surroundings cooler H 4. Repeated S 5. Plant broadleaftrees to shade electrical appliances kept in sun but not right against footpaths and driveways. Create large areasin parking lots or along city streets where trees can be planted N 6. This histogram is also based on our survey in which it shows the number of people knowing the fact that electrical appliances kept in shade consume less energy than appliances kept in sun per 100 people from the year 1995-2010. Y 7. The more portion of the AC kept under direct sunlight has a direct impact on the electricity bill because sunlight heats up the AC faster that the AC kept under shade. H 8. Air – conditioning units kept under the shade will use less energy to operate and will henceforth provide shade cooling and also protect from drafts and winds. S 9. Large deciduous trees such as peepal and Neem

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