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Bravery Shown on wings of Hope My name is Alexander Cruz; I am a student at Windham High school, and a brother to a phenomenal human being by the name of Adela Alexandra Cruz, my 18 year old sibling, who is now living a life of renewal and transformation. My sister, Adela, has been blessed with having gregarious personality, which is always laughing and shedding off positive feedback to those in her presence. She has never had a dearth of friends, who she could converse and be frivolous with; it was as though she had a magnetic force on people for they always seem to genuinely favor her. Anyway, as her high school years progressed she failed to academically prove herself, to not only our parents, friends, and families, but more importantly to herself. I used to furiously tell my sister, “Alexandra, you’re a waste of a brain”, and one day she unknowingly asked me why? As I sat her down I thoroughly explained that her intellectual capabilities were being constantly neglected. I knew and witnessed day to day, in plain old conversation to say the least, her eloquent form of speaking, and sophisticated essays she would write recreationally. The underlying point was she had more to offer than she was letting out. Eventually, when push came to shove, she was lost in a labyrinth of ordeals and unnecessary issues that could have been prevented. Towards her senior year she had an unfortunate roadblock, impeding her from going to school, hanging with friends and being who she was, a social butterfly. Time for change, was put on pause, for she suffered from chronic back pains, which left her immobile and holistically debilitated. Her once blatant independence was dissipated in a matter of weeks, as her back impediment worsened. Days were long, and nights frightening for I had to witness a pain so piercing it brought overflowing tears into my eyes. Thankfully as months

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