Applebees: Good Service Or Good Food?

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Good Service or Good food? The average person goes out to eat about two or three times a week. They go to the same places order the same entrée and they miss out on all the other kinds of food that are on the menu. What people should do is go to the restaurants that are similar and decide which one is better and just start eating there and try all the different types of food. How do you decide which place is better and what makes it better? Service, cleanliness, food, and environment are some topics that can be used to determine which restaurant is better. An example of two similar restaurants that can be used to compare are Jaxsons, and Applebees. When it comes to service it means a lot. It can determine if I am going to go back to the…show more content…
At Jaxsons I ordered the Buffalo wings with ranch. They were spicy but not too spicy. The fact that they were hot probably made them a little bit spicier. You can tell that they just didn’t deep fry them and that they breaded them before they went into the deep friar. I didn’t really like that but some people do. They were ten pieces and but they weren’t that big. The ranch went very good with the wings. Jaxsons makes their own ranch it includes pieces of green chile but it’s not spicy at all. The price for the wings is about ten dollars including tax. That’s not that bad but I would of liked to have gotten bigger pieces of chicken. At Applebees I ordered the same thing, Buffalo wings with ranch. It was also a ten piece and their pieces were bigger and actually got me full. The wings were spicier but in a good way. It wasn’t that spicy that would burn your mouth. When it came to the ranch I don’t think it was made especially by them. It didn’t have any extra flavor it just tasted like normal ranch. One thing that I liked about it was that it was smooth and not lumpy like the one at Jaxsons. I think it’s because it didn’t have the green chile. The price for the ten piece is about seven dollars including tax. They also have a deal on Friday’s. If you order wings on Friday’s they are only five dollars and that’s including

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