Apple vs China

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APPLE V CHINA COURT 28TH December 2012 “Apple fined by China court for copyright violation” A court in China demanded that Apple pay compensation to 8 Chinese writers and two companies for violating their copyrights. The Chinese defendants claimed that Apple had used and sold electronic versions of their books on Apples online store. The court demanded that Apple pay them £100,00 in compensation. This was the second time Apple was fined for copyright violation in China. In September Apple were ordered to pay compensation to a Chinese encylopedia publisher for copyright allegation. They were payed 520000 yuan. Apple have also had other legal problems in China. A Chinese firm which name is Proview claimed to own the rights to the name iPad in the Chinese market after registering it in 2000. Apple claimed that they had purchased global rights to the name iPad from Provieww for £35,000. Because of this Apple were forced to remove ipads from many shops in parts of china. Eventually Apple payed Proview $60000000 to settle the dispute. APPLE V SAMSUNG “Apple Awarded $1.049 Billion In Damages As Jury Finds Samsung Infringed On Design And Software Patents” Apple are yet again involved in this story, however this time it is a winning story. The Jury ordered that Samsung pay Apple $1049343540 in damages. Samsung who originally filed a lawsuit walked away with a grand total of $0. During the trial the jury found no infringement by Apple on any of Samsungs utility parents. However the jury found that Samsung infringed on patents “381 bounce back” for the way you scroll on Apple devices and also on “915” to do with finger scrolling and the two to pinch and zoom navigation and also Apples 163 patent tap to zoom. The judge originally issued Apple with $1051855000 but the judge sent them back to talk about two of the
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