Apple vs Android Essay

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Apples iOS and Android Smartphones have become very popular in todays society that many different companies are competing in delivering a high performance smartphone to satisfy the customers needs. Therefore what company is on the verge to completing a perfect smartphone that will have the customers’ excited and waiting in line to purchase it? Apple’s iPhone is among one of the top smartphones on the market today offering many features like: GPS, Multitasking, FaceTime, state of the art cameras and more. On the other hand, Android powered smartphones like the HTC Evo and the Galaxy S are also among the top smartphones next to Apple’s IPhone. Therefore, what makes the IPhone different from Android powered smartphones, and what do they have in common. To begin with, Apple’s latest smartphone is the iPhone 4. It runs on the latest iOS 4 software, and inherited the A4 processor from the Apple iPad for faster performance and also emphasizes power efficiency. The iOS 4 software supports FaceTime an embedded video calling application that uses either the front or back camera over a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with another person who has an iPhone 4 for a better communication experience. Also, the iOS 4 software enables a user to multitask from multiple applications without closing them. In addition, Apple updates their software on a regular bases for bug fixes and minor feature updates. The iPhone 4 futures a 3.5 LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 960 x 640 display that is perfect for high definition movies, games and images. Why carry around a camera and a camcorder when the iPhone is equipped with an amazing 5-megapixel camera that captures and records wonderful high definition pictures and videos which is perfect for vacations or special occasions. It also includes a L.E.D flash allowing pictures to be taken at night and still have a clear image. So now taking

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