Apple Tv Strategic Advertising Campaign

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Apple TV strategic advertising campaign Name Course Date Apple TV strategic advertising campaign For any form of business, an advertising campaign is critical so that the product into which resources have been deposited reaches the targeted audience (Johnson, 2002). Advertising is aimed at creating awareness about the product, thus attracting demand. Apple TV is an innovative multimedia product that allows the playing of the content from iTunes store, hulu plus and YouTube, and sports among other uses. It offers an amazing experience for videos, photos, music and TV shows (Apple Inc, 2010). This report relays a strategic advertising campaign for the apple TV. COMPANY ANALYSIS * Apple Inc was incorporated in 1973. Founded by Steve Jobs, the company’s core business is manufacturing and selling mobile and computer multimedia devices and software. In addition, it provides other communication solutions like networking, peripherals and other non-mobile digital products (Reuters, 2012). * Some of the products and services include the iPhone, Apple TV, iPad and iMac. There are also software products like the MacOS, iOS which are operating system. The services include the iTunes online music store, the apple and Mac app store and the iBookstore. * Apple Inc is amongst the largest multinational companies in the whole world with high revenues. * It is the third largest mobile phone manufacturer following Samsung mobile and Nokia. * Apple went public in 1980 and by 1982 it hit $1 billion in sales becoming the first manufacturer of personal computers to make such revenue. * With over 13,500 employees all over the world, the labor policies of this giant have been the source of much complains and criticism. * All over the world, apple distributes and sells products via a channel of online stores, sales offices, authorized dealers and using

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