Apple Should Separate Its Profit! Updates on Apple and Foxconn Essay

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APPLE SHOULD SEPARATE ITS PROFIT! UPDATES ON APPLE AND FOXCONN As the “Foxconn Suicide” is problem becoming increasingly fierce, more and more customers put messages online in order to boycott Apple products. As a native Chinese, I heard many voices about that. I want to show you something I saw in China about that. The Chinese Law-allowed work time is 8 hours a day and no more than 6 days a week. And the lowest wages are diverse based on the consumption level of each city. However, I saw from the article I read that said Apple has 60-hour maximum working week policy! It is obliviously beyond China’s law! If the worker works 8 hours a day and work for 6 days a week, the total hours is 48 hours. So where comes from the rest 12 hours? Yes, I agree with Apple Company’s strategy-------to use China’s low labor rate! However, the company should not do that-----use American policy applied on Chinese culture. To mention the foxconn, I have to mention these dead workers. Most of them are very young, around 20. But why did they give up their life? Because they are from poor families, which are far from the big city, located in the interior area. Because they did not have a good chance to study until collage, and because they was trapped into a big “prison” ------Foxconn, they have to say goodbye to video game, to pets, to playground, to everything they need in their age. Even more, they have no time for dating! But why the Foxconn became such a devil? As far as I know, the Apple Company made a lot of money by setting contracts with Foxconn. For example, Foxconn can get $5 for making an ipad while Apple can sell the ipad for $899. The fact is, the Apple’s company gets the most profit! They take full advantage of the Chinese worker’s low wage. And keep them working like a machine. The Foxconn cannot earn money as easily as Apple, and sometimes even occur many

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