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Essay 4: Apple’s Extension Xin Wang 02/30/2012 T524 Ms Lynch Nowadays, Apple has become the most famous company in the world. But, everything always has dual character. Let’s talk about that. Last Friday, I saw a report about Apple Suppliers. It told me a shocking news. A year before the debut of the IPhone, A British newspaper drew attention to allegations of abuse of workers at the Foxconn plant, reporting that 200,000 of the manufacturer’s workers clocked 15-hour days and were paid $50 a month to make iPods. Now Apple said: they always ensure safety to workers and have enough respect. Whatever Apple said, workers have been treated unfairly has been confirmed. Maybe Apple doesn’t control all the plant. Maybe the factory’s boss has concealed something, but, this can’t be an excuse! When thousands people use Iphone, the workers has been abuses. I think Apple should investigate it and commit workers loss. Also Apple has to keep workers reasonable wage and reasonable schedules in the future. On the other hand, it’s inhuman. Voltaire said: Natural Rights, Natural rights are rights not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable. Everybody has their rights. Apple has, the works also have. Everybody need to equal treatment. Harm and deprivation other people’s rights is wrong. This is like enjoy other people’s rights. We live in modern city not ancient, we have sound legal system and moral. The world we live is not perfect. Everything always has good side and bad side, This is way we need to fix it and protect it become more and more

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