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Marketing Segmentation Apple Itune Question 1. Analyze the iTunes marketing mix using the 4 P’s. The structure the approach the market (situation - iTune Marketing) is defined by 4 P’s method and also by 4 C’s method. The methods resemble as shown here. We will discuss which part of the marketing mix was instrumental for the success of iTune. Marketing Mix • Product (Customer needs and wants) • Price (cost to customer) • Place (conveyance) • Promotion (communication) Analysis of Marketing Mix Tool: Product: Let us define the characteristics of the product (service) that meets the needs of the customers. The customer needs are as follows; a. Owning rather than listening, sharing or renting. b. Good quality product (CD-quality sound and better data compression). c. Meet the copy right regulations. d. Unlimited library e. Portability f. Customized compilations g. A service, internet based The product allowed customers to download music, books, TV programmes that formed the core of the entertainment for all groups of ages, but more specifically for the young mass between (12-24 & 25-34) years. The product albeit with brand image was introduced with free download and many add on features. The music industry had monopoly in the marketing of audio and video segments. There was little choice for customers until internet based distribution came into reality that started with peer to peer sharing followed by Place: (Conveyance) The industry was already revolutionalized prior to the entry of iTune in terms of distribution of the product (starting with streaming audio, file sharing, peer to peer networking, fee based subscription). Therefore, there was nothing substantially different except for the fact that iTune library was relatively vast with one line clicking service for both Mac OS X users and later to Windows

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