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Lina Mancini I chose to write my paper on Apple Incorporated, one of the most popular pieces of technology on the market whether it is a phone, tablet, mp3 player, computer etc. Apple has been around for almost three decades. Being as though they have been around for so long would make one assume that they excel in their CSR department but unfortunately, that is not the case. Apples main focus has always been and still is to make a profit, as is many companies. Apple feels as though it is not important to engage in the stakeholder because some of the stakeholders would have a negative view on the company. Apple continues to do what they having been doing and that is to produce an abundance amount of product to get the most profit. CSR leadership is lacking with the organization. If Apple would have a CSR leader, that leader could focus on engage is all stakeholders. Engaging in the stakeholders, even the negative ones, will help the company in the long run. This will help the company focus on what they need to work on and fix within not only their product, but their organization. Apple has become such a profitable, successful company that they do not feel the need to tend to their customers but their customers are their success. I chose to write about Apple Incorporated because I use to be an Apple user, I had the iPhone 4. I, sadly, was not impressed and because of my experience I will not purchase another Apple product. Many of my friends and family are avid Apple users and purchase everything Apple. I believe they are overpriced and they are the same thing every time, just a newer version. I’ve played around with their newer products and I felt like nothing changed from the old product to the new one that was released but that is what Apple does. Avid customers just want the latest and greatest, they are an Apple customer, it doesn’t matter to them what

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