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An Analysis of the Business and Financial Performance of Apple Inc. between 28 September 2008 and 24 September 2011 1 Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach 2.1 Structure of the Report and the Reasons for Selection of Apple Inc. 2.2.1 The Topic 2.2.2 The Organization Apple Inc. is the largest publicly traded company in the world by market capitalization, (Rooney Ben, 2012), overtopping ExxonMobil by some $60 billion, (CNN, 2012) as well as the largest technology company in the world by revenue and profit, worth more than Google and Microsoft combined. (, 2012) Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008, and in the world from 2008 to 2011. (Fisher Anne, 2008, Colvin Geoff, 2009) All these facts caused my interest in studying in Apple Inc.’s backgrounds, financial data and business strategies and performance to assess its current position and potential developments. 2.2 Aims and Objectives of the Report and the Overall Research Approach This report tries to provide a research and analysis of current business and financial performance of Apple Inc. The main objectives and overall research approach are: * To understand how Apple Inc. is operating, its background, its culture and its significant difference from other companies in the industry; * Use ratios analysis to evaluate the financial performance of Apple Inc. from the aspects of profitability, liquidity, activity, leverage and cash flow for its financial year 2009 to 2011, show its potential for further development; * To evaluate the financial performance of Apple Inc. in competition of its main competitors and industry averages; * Use PESTEL model to analyze Apple Inc.’s macro-environment factors including political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal

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