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Running Head: FINANCE PROJECT PROPOSAL Finance project proposal Name: Institution: Course: Date: Nature of the project This project proposal is for the completion of a master’s degree in finance. It is meant to give an overview of the management, accounting and finance concepts and practices used by Apple Company to enable it to achieve growth and profit despite a harsh economy and competition. It involves a brief description of the company, a description of the budgeting process of the company and a brief analysis of the management accounting information system used. Other aspects that are to be considered include the costing process, the capital decisions in the company, acquisition of capital and structure as well as the structure of management. The chartered institute of management accountants refers to management accounting as the process that involves identifying, measuring, accumulating, analyzing, interpreting and communicating information that is used by the management. It is used to plan, evaluate and control a business entity in terms of resource utilization within a company. It also refers to the act of preparing financial reports, project proposals and ensuring that the company operates within stipulated financial frameworks. It may also involve decision making, devising planning systems, management systems as well as helping in financial reporting. It also involves control of finances, management assistance and formulation of company strategy and implementing it. Management practices and accounting are expresses in three basic areas i.e. strategic management, performance management and risk management. Strategic management involves including the management accounting in partnering with the organization. Performance management involves decision making and managing company performance. Risk management involves

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