Apple & Google Financial Analysis

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Financial Statement Analysis: Apple Inc. & Google Apple Inc. and Google are both companies in the technology industry. Apple sells a variety of products to consumers ranging from music players (iPod), tablets (iPad), computers (iMac and MacBook Pro), cellular phones (iPhone), and accessories for all these products. Additionally, Apple makes and sells Mac OS X and iOS, the operating systems for the company’s line of computers and mobile devices, respectively, as well as software (apps) for these devices. Apple is known for its innovative ideas and ease-of-use for consumers. Google has grown from a simple search engine to a company offering services ranging from Google Calendar, Docs, Shopping, and Gmail, not to mention many more. Google plays a big role in advertising on the web due to its growing popularity, and much of the company’s revenue is generated by selling advertising spaces at the top of search results, as well as advertising on other websites. Google also has the rights to the Android operating system for mobile devices, a big competitor to Apple’s iOS. Android OS is available on a large number of smartphones today, while iOS is only available on Apple devices. Both companies have been striving to offer the best experience for users for years, and naturally has created competition between the two. Looking at the balance sheet of Apple, as of September 24, 2011, total assets were at $116,371 million. The total assets for 2010 were $75,183 million, $41,188 million lower than the later year. One reason for this increase in total assets is shown under “long-term marketable securities.” For 2011, Apple’s long-term marketable securities total $55,618 million, while 2010 totaled $25,391 million. According to … [T]he cash Apple generates is already largely being put to work. Perhaps it’s not being put to work in the way shareholders and

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