Apple Downfall ? Essay

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Charles Tursi 12-11-10 Intro to business PaperCCC Class Tencent Trumps Apple in Tech-Growth Ranking This article may be surprising to some, yet inspirational to others for a few different reasons. One reason is because the article states how the Chinese company Tencent has surpassed the renown Apple company from the United States on's ranking of the best-performing technology companies in the world. In my opinion, this shows how everything in the world of business is constantly shifting and changing around and how hard work and determination can put you on the top. Additionally, this is a tremendous feat considering the fact that Apple has released its iPad tablet as recently as this past April. In case you were wondering, Tencent company specializes as China's dominant instant messaging service. In addition to this, Tencent's Chief Executive Officer Ma Huateng has a key marketing strategy and plan that seems to be working for him. His plan is to keep low key by allowing his competition to gain more media attention so that no one “spots him out of the crowd.” From my point of view, this is a wonderful strategic plan in the fact that it allows his company to thrive without blowing up in the eyes of the public. Ma has made his company into China's largest Internet business by market value, boosting net income 52 percent to 2.15 billion yuan, which is $325 million U.S. Dollars. Also in the most recent quarter he reeled in more than 636 million active users to QQ, Tencent's instant messaging service. That's approximately eighteen times the number of subscribers that Microsoft's MSN was serving in China at the end of 2009. Victor Koo, CEO of video-sharing site was quoted saying, “Tencent worries everybody,” “Their huge.” Equally important, throughout this article there are excerpts that insinuate the fact that Tencent has no

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