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Steve Jobs leaves Apple Steve job a visionary person who founded Apple company announced about his resignation few months back. When Steve Jobs gave resignation to the company, the biggest question was will Apple company survive ? We all know that what kind of changes Apple has brought in our life. The announcement of Jobs resignation immediately affected the market. The company's stock went down within few hours. It shows how important Steve job is to the company. Well from reading the articles about his resignation and also reading other news, I feel that it is not the end of the Apple company or US economy. As Market was fluctuating, Apple was still 1st or 2nd largest corporation in term of market value. Well everybody knows that parts of Apple's products are made in other country, I think that economy and unemployment can be improved if Apple is making all those products in USA. They could have created tons and tons of manufacturing jobs and could have solved the problem of unemployment and economy can come back on track . The big problem can be considered as cheap labor on which apple relies. Apple company can take other directions and also can focus on different market segments. Apple has already got the huge growth in segments like paid music, apps and biggest market is computers. We know that Jobs was key person in introducing the new technology but after him Apple should focus on their own biggest App market. Everybody knows that apple will be launching the new phone soon , there will be lot many people who will buy that. Stock prices of the company went down after resignation of Jobs but the company knows that their market value will go up when they will launch Iphone5.The numbers of Iphone, Itouch sold was tremendous. I don't think that US economy will be affected a lot because of this because Apple has many things to offer. Both business and

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