Apple Case Study Report

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BUsiness school lausanne | Apple Case Study Report | MOI 105 2012 Fall | | 10/19/2012 | A complete report regarding Apple’s (the company) history, growth and challenges faced, and the reason being it becoming USA’s most valuable corporation today. This report also includes details behind Apple’s efforts in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. | Contents SECTION 1 Apple: The Beginning 3 History 3 The Response 4 Jobs’ Return 5 Apple: The Turnaround 6 Birth of the iMac 6 Apple: The Evolution 7 The iPod: Size does not matter 8 SECTION 2 Apple: Game Changers The iPhone 1 The iPad 2 Apple: Unprecedented Growth 3 Apple: Efforts in Sustainability 4 SECTION 3 Apple: The Future 1 Concluding Statement 1 Bibliography 2 SECTION 1 Apple: The Beginning History Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have more in common than their first names; they are the reason exists today. Apple started off as Apple Computer on April fool’s day in the year 1976. The company started out as a small scale computer circuit board production facility where the production base was a family garage in Los Altos, California. Jobs’ and Wozniak’s mission was to bring easy-to-use computers to the market, by launching the Apple II exactly 2 years later. This resulted in a computing revolution which saw the rise of Apple into an industry leader where more than 100,000 units of Apple IIs were sold before the 90s. A month before the 90s then, Apple launched their IPO. Apple was not alone in its success, however. Another giant called IBM had entered the PC industry just 5 years after Apple was born and stole the market with a powerful alliance; Microsoft, and their DOS operating system along with a microprocessor from Intel. These strategic alliances proved to be fruitful, as Apple refused to license its hardware to other
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