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Lashawn Boyd Apple Case Study October 4, 2011 Roberts Wesleyan College In the beginning was Apple Computers Apple which was initially known as Apple Computers is the most publicly traded company in the world over taking gas giant Exxon Mobil. Started in the late 70’s Apple Computers has continuously grown and changed the technology industry for over thirty years. Known for its creation of the MacBook series, iTunes, iPod, and many other products that separates them from the competition, Apple remains a giant in their field. Apple Computers was created by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Apple Computers first product was the Apple I, which was built by Wozniak (Sydney Morning Herald, 2006). It was sold for $666.66; the company was incorporated in 1977, unfortunately without Wozniak, who sold his shares to the other two partners. Shortly after the Apple II was released, it differed from its competition because of graphics and coloring. The Apple II also included the new floppy disks as storage devices (Weyhrich, 2002). It was then selected to be used for the VisiCalc program. Through this Apple Computers gained a bigger market, as it expanded its products to business customers (Hormby, 2006). In 1980 the company released Apple III, which wasn’t too successful; this was there entry into the business world. The Apple III was highly anticipated, but failed because of technical problems (Coventry, 2006). Early to mid-1980’s Apple Computers went on a rollercoaster ride with their products. The company had been working on the Apple Lisa since the late 70’s. During this time the company also took over the Macintosh project. The company was torn as to which product would come out first and help rebuild the company image. The Apple Lisa was released first and unfortunately didn’t live up to expectations; one of the reasons was because of the high

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