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SENECA COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY ____________________________________ APPLE INC. ____________________________________ A Case Report by Vu Cuong Huynh Veronica Xie SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES IAF831 JJ - International Strategic Management Winter 2015 Submitted to Dr. Abdul Naveed Tariq Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Vision and Mission Statements 2 Vision Statement of Apple 2 Mission Statement of Apple 3 Background Information 3 External Audit 4 Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model 4 EFE Matrix 5 CPM Matrix 6 Internal Audit 7 IFE Matrix 7 Value Chain Analysis 8 Issue Analysis 9 Strategic Alternative Solutions 10 Recommended Solution 10 Implementation Plan 11 Evaluation Mechanism 11 Works Cited 12 Executive Summary This report was commissioned to examine why Apple has been so success in the market for more than decades and recommend ways of increasing its sales in the future. The research draws attention to the fact that Apple market share has been increasing over many years. Their competitors are HP, Dell, Microsoft and Samsung…However, they are still very competitive in the market. We would like to spend more time to understand how Apple operates effectively and efficiently in the market. iPhone 6 is one of the newest product line of the company. The report evaluates this product as an ideal candidate and a new standard to the smartphone industry. It is recommended: * Apple needs to invest more in R&D * Apple should capture huge market such as China, India and Europe * Apple should provide more variety of product lines Vision and Mission Statements Vision Statement of Apple "We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that's not changing. We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple not

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