Apple Business Ethics Essay

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Apple Darien Rolle Rasmussen College November 23, 2013 Business Ethics-2013 Fall Quarter The company Apple Inc. has been mistreating their employees. They treat their employees like machines instead of human beings. I am going to inform you what is happening at two of their factories in southern China and how they make their employees sign an anti-suicide contract. Also I want discuss how they make the employees work and enormous amount of overtime, by making them work 98 hours overtime a month when the law in China is only 36 hours overtime a month. All employees should be treated the same no matter if their high up in the company or in the lower part of the company. At two of the Apple factories in southern China, employees have been mistreated and forced to work an unrealistic amount of over time. The amount of over time they work in one month breaks the law in China that no employee is supposed to work more than 36 hours overtime in one month. Apple also forces their employees to sign an anti-suicide contract when they are hired. . (Business Ethics Case Analysis 2011) In 2011, Apple was accused of treating employees inhumanly and like machines. Apple hired almost 500,000 employees to work in their two new factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu in southern China. The Apple plants were investigated, there were multiple cases of unethical behavior from Apple. When Apple hires a new employee they make them sign an anti-suicide contract stating that the employee will not attempt suicide while working for Apple. The Chinese law states that an employee can’t work more than 36 hours of overtime in one month, Apple has their employees working almost 98 hours overtime, that’s three times the amount. Also, employees are only allowed one day off every two weeks, this makes working conditions miserable. . (Business Ethics Case Analysis 2011) Apple has violated most of
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