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Abstract It is interesting to find out that Apple Company has actually two apples. The good one and the bad one. The good apple is treating its customers with the most value and captivating consumers with continuous product innovation. The company has developed excellent customer’s service and their retail stores are designed to be interactive and engaging with every single customer making them feel special and well treated. The bad apple is allowing its suppliers to treat their workers inhumanly and violating not only local and international labor laws, but also its own developed business code of conduct. If we get rid of the bad apple, the company would then be truly one of the most successful not only in the industry, but in the world. Question 1: Do you think that Apple has demonstrated global corporate citizenship, as defined in this chapter? Why or why not? During my research on Apple and Foxconn factories, I have found unbelievable amount of disturbing information. Based on that, I strongly feel that Apple has not and still isn’t demonstrating the global corporate citizenship, they are just simply pretending and doing excellent job at it. In public eye, Apple has been perceived as a visionary company. Having strong, visible leader like Steve Jobs, having pared that with a very strong financial performance in the market, almost all consumers tended to think very highly of the company. For many years the company has been accused of violating human rights in its factories in China. Along many accusations the major claims against company were: excessive overtime despite legal limits of 36 hour a month, public humiliation if the performance was not up to the standards, work for two weeks in the row without having a day off, living dormitories accommodating 24 people in one room, verbal and physical abuse and many others including many cases of suicide.

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